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Adam , Alison and Tilly

When I go to someone’s house for the first time to tune a piano I have never seen before I am always a little nervous, but on this occasion I knew it was a three year old Yamaha and that it would be in very good condition. On arrival I was greeted by Tilly who came running towards me and then ran back in the house to fetch a large cuddly toy. She was extremely pleased to greet me with much affection. Tilly is a black labrador and what a beauty she was. A lovely black shiny coat with an affectionate temperament.

Adam’s mother Alison greeted me at the door and I was welcomed in.

Adam is the Pianist in the family, studying Engineering at University and an accomplished pianist and organist (Grade 8).

The  piano was beautiful, like a Rolls-Royce that had never been out the garage, shiny clean and spotless, inside and out.  I was going to enjoy tuning this one.

It did need a tune, and I knew what needed to be done: First an ‘overpull’ with a rough tune, then take a measurement of the harmonicity followed by a fine tune with a final run over for any rogue notes that needed a little more attention.

Three hours later the job was done and I asked Adam if he could let me know if he was happy with the results. After we’d put the casing back on the piano, I asked Adam if he could play something for me and he choose to play Wedding Day at Troldhaugen Op65 No6 by Edvard Grieg. It was amazing.     09/09/18